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In-train advertising

Switzerland has one of the densest and most efficient rail networks in the world.
The regional and national railway companies in Switzerland ensure the nationwide development of public transport.
Every day, the railways in Switzerland convey over 2.2 million passengers - a very attractive target audience. With an in-train advertising campaign, you can achieve high coverage with a broad section of the population at an attractive CPM, within a very short time.


SBB advertising formats 

SBB RailPosterMidi

High advertising impact thanks to the proximity to the viewer.

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SBB RailPoster

Presence with extensive reach meets mobility.

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BLS and regional railway advertising formats

Zugwerbung, RailBoardMidi

Attractive appearance and placement at frequented positions.

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Zugwerbung, RailBoard

Strategic presence at the heart of commuter flows.

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More in-train advertising possibilities

Discover our range of classic ad formats HangingDisplay and HangingDisplay in various regional railways throughout Switzerland or the region of your choice. learn more (in German)

Strengthen your train advertising campaign by repeating your advertising message on the floor in the entrance and exit areas of selected railway companies (in German).

  floor stickers